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A Word from the Rabbi

We are so proud of our President and generous benefactor Mr. Adam Katz whose charter airline, Talon Air, was recently featured on CNBC in a beautiful 3 minute piece. Click here to see the video clip. From humble beginnings of one private single engine plane, Talon Air now owns 15 planes including small jets, and helicopters. Adam, we are so proud of you!!!

Click here to watch the CNBC clipMr. Katz is not only building businesses and Air Line hangars (he’s currently completing his second hangar). He’s also building Judaism, quite literally! Adam, along with the Chairman of our Board Mr. Bert Brodsky, are the key players in putting up the new wing you can see on the rise at Chabad House. Adam & Bert invite everyone to participate in this project as well...

Congratulations Adam on your amazing business and mitzvah successes!!!

Best wishes for a Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Shalom Paltiel

If you've been putting off mailing back the Mishloach Manot form, our new online format is the perfect solution for you - just click here to see how quick and easy it is to sumbit the form to us - we'll have your form just seconds after you submit it! For further information on this project, click here. The extended deadline is Monday, March 10 . If you'd prefer to complete the form on paper, you may download it here - print and drop it off at Chabad, 80 Shore Road, Port Washington NY 11050.


Upcoming Events

Oh, the things people will do to “find themselves”—traveling to Tibet and Timbuktu, spending time on a therapist’s couch... Yet, the answers can be found in a book you probably own already. No, not Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams.” Your Chumash, or Bible. Perhaps you read it every week or maybe you received it as a Bar Mitzvah gift and it’s been unused since then. Either way, Chabad of Port Washington’s upcoming JLI course, “Gaining Control – The Book of Leviticus” can help you apply the concepts found in the Torah to your everyday life.

It's not too late to join us for our Sunday morning "Torah Studies" series. This meaningful & enjoyable adult education course for men and women is held in the social hall at Chabad every Sunday morning, complete with a sumptuous brunch and great company! Take a closer look at Judaism and explore the timeless messages of the weekly Torah Portion throughout time. All are welcome: 10:00—11:20 am. Click here for more information and to register - it's not too late!

Chabad Women’s Circle invites all women to our monthly evening of Mah Jongg. Join us for a thrilling social evening at Chabad, 7:30 pm - meet other women and enjoy and fun hour of Mah Jongg play. RSVP by emailing [email protected].

Don't miss the next Shabbat Dinner - mark your calendar and be sure to join us on Friday night, March 14 at Chabad for a beautiful Shabbat Dinner with our community! You'll enjoy great company and an uplifting Shabbat experience in our warm, meaningful atmosphere. Due to the great response to Prestige Caterers' delicious catering we are once again featuring their cuisine... The fee for dinner is $25/adult; $10/child, age 12 & under. Services at 6:30 PM, Dinner at 7:00. Be sure to RSVP asap - just click here to let us know you're coming or call us at 516-767-8672. We look forward to receiving your reservation and spending Shabbat with you!



Camp Gan Israel Registration is open! It's that time of year again - watching the snowfall while dreaming of bright, sunny, happy days at Berkowitz Gan Israel Day Camp. Turn your children's dreams into reality and sign them up today! Our online registration form is just a click away: Our website is also fully updated: click here to browse.



March 14-15: Bat Mitzvah Club Shabbaton

March 20: Kids Purim Party

Purim with the Islanders

Candle Lighting Times for
Port Washington, NY
[Based on Zip Code 11050]
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Mar. 7
5:35 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Mar. 8
6:35 pm
Torah Portion: Pekudei

Kiddush Calendar

Consider sponsoring a future Kiddush at Chabad. Please email [email protected] to book your date.

Shul Family News

3/8 Aliza Herz
3/10 Boaz Edidin
3/11 Daniella Philipson
3/11 Robert Salzbank
3/12 Gal Danay
3/13 Fran Bogart
3/13 Rachel Lee
3/13 Bart Waxman

3/8 Leila Waxman observed by Bart & Dorothy Waxman

3/9 Bella Charney, observed by Ted & Sophia Charney


Schedule of Services

Sunday morning
Services 9:00 AM
Tefillin Club: 11:30 am - 12 noon in the Chabad Library

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM

Friday night: 6:30 PM
Please help us with a Minyan on Friday Night

Shabbos Morning: 9:30 AM

Schedule of Classes

Tanya Class
Saturdays, 8:45-9:30 AM
with Rabbi Paltiel

Torah Studies
Sundays, 10:00 - 11:30 AM



Bring the children, ages 3-11 every Shabbat morning 10:30 - 12:00 for interactive, song-filled prayer services with a special kids siddur, along with stories and lessons from the weekly Torah portion. Of course we'll have plently of fun games, board games, raffles, prizes, gym play and great snack every week!

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Kitchen Helper
After assigning her to place the diced vegetables in the pot, I'll inevitably notice a trail of the colourful squares along the floor...
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The sages teach that the mind, by its very nature, has the ability to master the heart...
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The Silver Foundation
Every person is different: we differ in our intellect, character, talents and sensitivities. But we are all equal in the very basis of our bond with G‑d
The Jewish Calendar
Today in Jewish HistoryFirst Property Purchase (1677)
Today in Jewish HistoryRebbe Falls Ill (1992)
Rosh Chodesh
Laws and CustomsRosh Chodesh Observances
Rosh Chodesh
Today in Jewish HistoryPlague of Darkness (1313 BCE)
Today in Jewish HistoryPassing of Ibn Ezra (1164)
Today in Jewish HistoryPassing of Shach (circa 1663)
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Daily Thought
All For Your Children

Every day, take one half hour to think about your children and where they’re headed. Then do all you can about it. Then do more.


From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson; words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman. To order Tzvi's book, "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.

the parshah in a nutshell
Parshat Vayak'hel

Moses assembles the people of Israel and reiterates to them the commandment to observe the Shabbat. He then conveys G‑d's instructions regarding the making of the Mishkan (Tabernacle).

The people donate the required materials in abundance, bringing gold, silver, copper, blue, purple and red-dyed wool, goat hair, spun linen, animal skins, wood, olive oil, herbs and precious stones. Moses has to tell them to stop giving.

A team of wise-hearted artisans make the Mishkan and its furnishings (as detailed in the previous Torah readings of Terumah, Tetzaveh and Ki Tisa): three layers of roof coverings; 48 gold-plated wall panels, and 100 silver foundation sockets; the Parochet (Veil) that separates between the Sanctuary's two chambers and the Masach (Screen) that fronts it; the Ark and its cover with the Cherubim; the Table and its Showbread; the seven-branched Menorah with its specially-prepared oil; and the Golden Altar and the incense burned on it; the Anointing Oil; the outdoor Altar for Burnt Offerings and all its implements; the hangings, posts and foundation sockets for the Courtyard; and the Basin and its pedestal, made out of copper mirrors .


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