Message from Sisterhood Co-President Tammy Kobin

My Beautiful Sisters,

​I meant to send a note of thanks last week, but Thanksgiving is just one day on the calendar and I am thankful for each of you every day, so I figured this note is still timely.​ (I know it’s longer than my usual emails, but I hope you’ll take the time to read through it.)

To each of us, Sisterhood means something different. A sister can guarantee that you have someone to grab a cup of coffee with just because, who will encourage you to get that $10 back massage while you wait for your nails to dry, who will give you an honest answer when you ask if your outfit is flattering, who won't say 'no' to sharing a bottle of wine during a movie night at home, and who can make you laugh until you cry. ​I​t​ also​ means that you always have someone you can rely on, who will lend a helping hand when needed, offer a shoulder to cry on, who will show pride in your (and your children's) accomplishments, who will support your volunteer efforts (wink, wink) and so much more.

I am so thankful for my wonderful sister, Lisa, who many of you already know and who has filled all of the above roles at one point or another for me and my family.

Now, with our growing and healthy Chabad of Port Washington Sisterhood, my family has grown. So, I thank you all, especially Tami Ruben, Sheryl Pinner and Orly Calderon-Sherman, for your part in making that happen. We all work hard in our professional, personal and sisterhood lives, but, despite how busy we are, we know the importance of  making sure that we all come together monthly to share a piece of ourselves with each other's families, that we plan fun and entertaining events, and that we continue to kindle our Jewish light together. 

To thank your leaders, we ask for your support in building our sisterhood membership, participating in our events, sponsoring a kiddush during Family Shabbat - special thanks to Laurie Radler for helping arrange our kiddush sponsors, serving as the adult supervisor during Family Shabbat, helping plan and decorate for our events and, of course, joining us for each of our celebrations, etc.

You can begin showing your support by

1. Attending this week's Family Shabbat, Saturday, December 6th. (Kids’ program starting at 10:30am.) You won't be disappointed - our very own Sheryl Pinner is delivering a D’var Torah.

2. Registering for our upcoming Chanukah event. Please don't wait for the last minute to register; it takes less than 2 minutes and if you want to pay by credit card you must do so online We want to make sure we have enough treats for everyone who attends! (You will see another email sent out later today to the community at large as a reminder of the event with our flyer attached – feel free - in fact, we encourage you - to share it with your friends and family.)

3. "LIKE" us on facebook @ Chabad of Port Washington Sisterhood.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I look forward to seeing you all during the coming weeks!

Have an amazing day!

Yours truly,
Tammy Kobin