"Shalshelet" means chains or links.  Shalshelet, the chain, represents the passing of Jewish tradition and people-hood from one generation to the next.  Chabad of Port Washington invites eighth grade students or higher to participate in the Shalshelet program.  The goal of Shalshelet is to create life links between the current and older Jewish generations through documenting, retaining and transmitting the lifetime events of those who survived the Holocaust or were a part of WWII.  These connections provide a vital link to the events of the Holocaust in a time when there are fewer survivors living to tell their own stories.

The process begins with a visit to the Glen Cove Holocaust Museum. Students meet with survivors through a series of meetings held at the Chabad or the Survivor’s home. The students become "surrogate survivors," committed to learning and re-telling their survivors’ story to the next generation. The students will use their own artistic expression to convey their stories.  They will be video taping and editing their interviews and process, learning how to do research, learning about the Holocaust as well as relating sensitively to an elderly population and they will become knowledgeable about "Tolerance" on the web and in everyday life. 

The initial session will consist of a formal educational piece to provide students with general background information. In subsequent sessions, students will meet the survivors and will talk with them in detail. Finally, students will present their survivors’ stories at Chabad’s Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Memorial) program in the spring and in the Sands Point Nursing Home.

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to be a part of these survivors’ lives. We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity. Please note that we require a firm commitment from the student and they must attend all sessions. Parents are welcome to participate in this program.  

Suzanne Kolen, Coordinator
Dr. Sarah Cushman, Glen Cove Holocaust Museum

Post Bar/Bat Mitzvah students 8th grade or higher
Parents are invited to participate with the group
Firm commitment from both student and parent; Student commitment to attend all sessions
Meeting frequency: 1 Sunday per month (see dates below)
Cost: $180

Course Outline
The following is a tentative schedule of the monthly meetings for 2013/2014.
They will take place on Sundays from 10:00am - 12:00pm

November 3 at Chabad: initial meeting to discuss the program objectives and outline and start discussion about the Holocaust
December 15 tour of the Glen Cove Holocaust museum to learn about the Holocaust, the Museum and their objectives. Students begin formulating questions for the residents & for their research
January 12 meeting and sharing as a group between the survivors and the students to cultivate a rapport, open lines of communication and gain a general background
February 8 Research the communities in Europe where the survivors originally lived and their journey to better understand survivors’ histories and current events
March 9 interview and film Holocaust survivors
April 6 present to the Chabad community and Hebrew School students


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