Who wants to be a minyanaire?

Who wants to be a MINYANAIRE?

See how popular our Minyanaire’s Club has become, now they’re talking about it all over Hollywood!

Guys, isn’t it time you joined this prestigious club?!

CLUB DUES: The “dues” are attendance at least once a week at a “minyan” (or minion..) during the week, other than Shabbat morning (Morning services Sun-Fri, or Fri evenings).

CLUB BENEFITS: Oh… it’s a whole bunch of goodies:

  • Get your prayers answered faster (guaranteed…)
  • Weekly or daily meeting and bonding with a great group of guys!
  • Toasted bagels and fresh brewed coffee daily (almost always. Thank you Burt Falkenstein and Scott Matty for helping replenish us)
  • Interesting Torah discussion, debate, sometimes (supervised) intellectual brawls ensue…
  • Inspired by our elder statesman Jack Bendror (aka Reb Yaakov)
  • Entry into MINYANAIRE’S WHATSAPP chat (& your spouse - recent new feature)

Think of the MINYANAIRES as the guy’s version of SISTERHOOD. (Ladies, get involved in SISTERHOOD! Watch your mailbox and Inbox for Sisterhood info and Sisterhood memberhisp sign ups shortly)

Oh… Ladies, you can become honorary members of The Club by attending morning Torah class (aka Shmooze & Shmear) 8-8:30am M-F. (So far Marla is it, but you’re all invited).

Thank you to the current Daily MINYANAIRES:

Jack Bendror
Shlomo (Stephen) Brody

Burt Falkenstein
Sam Glasser

Michael Greiff
Joel Lazarus
Sanford Lewis
Scotty Matty


Howard Abrahams
David Eidlitz

Yehuda Aryeh Fernandez
Richard Freeman
Arnie Herz
Sy Kaplan


Marla Pincus
Abie Neissani
Rabbi Paltiel
Moshe Saleh
Alan Salzbank
Rob Salzbank

Bryan Sherman
Avi Shilian

Gary Litvak
Jim Neuwirth
Yaakov Saleh
Adam Savran

Bart Waxman (until he leaves to FL)
Isaac Yousefia

Want to join? Simply email: [email protected] and let the rabbi know. Small investment of time, huge return in terms of focus, inspiration and community connection. The Minyanaire's Club is open to any Jew in the area. One need not be a Chabad member to join. Please come on board and make us stronger!