Be a Lone Angel

If you're like me, you're still wringing your hands from the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, as after each such hate filled atrocity.

The experts are weighing in, trying to figure out how the civilized world will manage to reign in the terror, especially when committed by lone wolves (or independent angels of death)...

The hate may be inspired by Isis or Islamic Jihad. But when individuals act alone, with their own initiative and resources, the enemy seems to remain elusive and unstoppable. The hate seems to have become much more than an organization; it's become a movement. When people are taught to hate, it's become part of who they are, and it'll find expression in acts of hate, everywhere, anywhere. It's all over the place, how do you squash it?

I'll leave that problem to the authorities.

However, I would like to suggest a personal lesson each of us can take in our personal lives.

"From mine enemies have I become wise" says King David (Psalms 119:98).

In our quest to make the world brighter, kinder, more focused, we can take a page out of the enemies' playbook.

If you're inspired to spread goodness, to visit the sick, encourage the lonely, help the needy, celebrate Jewish practice proudly, or any other step in the direction of goodness, don't wait for organizations to lead the effort.

Feel like doing good? Just do it!

If we each acted "alone", as lone "angels of love", we'd flood the world with goodness. We'd be an unstoppable force for good! There would be absolutely no way to stop the flood of goodness because it's not centralized; it's everywhere! It's out of control!


One of the great accomplishments of the Rebbe, Rabbi Schneerson of righteous memory, was the "mitzvah campaign". At any time, in countless cities around the world, Jewish men and women, inspired by the Rebbe, are sharing mitzvahs with their fellow Jews; helping them wrap tefillin, light a Shabbat candle, study Torah, visit the sick, or fulfill any other mitzvah.

The Rebbe's inspiration was rooted in a deep love for his fellow Jews, and it knows no bounds. Rather than an organization, the Chabad mitzvah campaign has become movement. Rather than emanating from a central office, It flows from the minds and hearts of thousands of inspired Jews who won't pass up an opportunity to do a mitzvah. They've been taught to love, which continues to express itself through acts of mitzvahs and loving kindness, everywhere, anywhere. It's unstoppable.


Maimonides teaches that goodness will eventually prevail and tilt the global scales and bring redemption and Moshiach to the world. Let's do our part to spread goodness unconditionally, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Hashem will very speedily bring about the long awaited - and much needed - redemption when goodness will indeed be everywhere.