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A Word From the Rabbi

Thanksgiving is precisely that – an opportunity to thank G‑d for all His wonderful blessings. What better way of saying thank you than by doing mitzvahs, acts of goodness and Jewish-ness which He asks of each of us as a Jew.

By the way, just in case you were thinking of giving me a gift in honor of my 40th – I will be happy to accept it. In fact, I have created a “gift-registry” where you choose from my “wish list”. How’s that for a subtle way of asking! Just click here or go to and you will find an entire menu of mitzvahs to choose from as your “mitzvah-gift” in honor of my 40th. (Talk about taking it for all its worth...)

Pick a mitzvah. Small or big. You’ll be killing two turkeys with one Mitzvah: Taking care of a birthday present, and giving Thanksgiving to the Boss for all His kindnesses. It’s a bargain!

Happy Thanksgiving & Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

P.S. If you’ve e-mailed or called me over the last several days and haven’t heard back, please accept my apologies. This past weekend, I spent a number of days at the annual international conference of Chabad Rabbis and have been away from my desk. I know your message is important and I will get back to you just as soon as things settle down. To learn more about this incredible conference of over 3,000 Rabbis from across the globe, click here.

News from CASH

On the weeks proceeding Election Day, student candidates campaigned for the positions of School President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the 2006-2007 Student Council. The Social Studies and Language Arts Classes combined efforts to advice students on speech context and election procedure. Each candidate had the opportunity to create banners to advertise themselves as well as write their own speech which were read over the school intercom on several occasions.

As a result, on Election Day, November 7th, we had an Assembly to introduce each of the three candidates running for each office. The 4th-8th grade student body was able to hear the campaign promises made to assist them in their voting decision. After the Assembly, the students returned to their class and ballots were issued. Each student voted for the candidates of their choice and the Ballots were collected and tallied by the Faculty advisors from the Language Arts class-Ruth Rubin and Social Studies class-Meghan McNulty.

The election results are as follows:

As part of the Students Council’s first acts in office, positions were awarded to the remaining candidates who were assigned as Class Representatives as follows:


A Faculty Liaison position was also created and assigned to ELIZABETH JACOBI.

• Thanks for a job well done to Ruth Rubin for creating the autonomous election process and assisting each candidate with their promotional efforts. It proved to be an important learning experience for everyone.
• Thanks to all the candidates that ran for office. You all did a fantastic job!.
• Last but not least, Mazel Tov to our newly elected Student Council. We look forward to a most successful school year! Remember, the voters will be watching! Good Luck to you all!

Best Regards,
Rabbi Noteh Glogauer, Principal


As their first project of the school year, the Student Council at C.A.S.H. held a THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE to collect food for those less fortunate than themselves, who are not able to celebrate with a big feast. All families were asked to contribute either canned foods or dry goods that follow the Kosher Dietary Laws listed in the Parent Handbook. The members of the Student Council colleced food every morning every morning this past week and donated it to an organization for the homeless so that they can have a warm meal on Thanksgiving Day.

Candle Lighting Times for
Port Washington, NY
[Based on Zip Code 11050]
Shabbat Begins:
Nov. 24 2006
4:13 PM
Shabbat Ends:
Nov. 25 2006
5:15 PM
Parshah Toldot
Revised Photo Gallery

Click here to view more photos!

THIS ALBUM HAS BEEN UPDATED! We've added more photos and there's a good chance you'll be able to find your photo on there. And when you do, click the email this photo link to send it to your friends & family!

Click the above photo to view the entire updated gallery of photos from Rabbi Paltiel's Wrapping (tefillin) Party on his 40th birthday!

Chanukah News

Look out for Chanukah Menorahs which will be placed on top of the cars of the rabbis at Chabad House. If you would like to purchase a “car Menorah” for your own car roof-top email: and she will make the arrangements.

This would be extremely exciting for your children (and neighbors' children) while adding Chanukah spirit to the entire community. All told, our community will surely feel the Chanukah spirit this year!

Shul Family News

11/27 Lauren Effune
11/28 Susan Lebovitch
11/28 Jonathan Satovsky
11/30 Sandra Bashary

11/27 Pauline Ferber
aunt of Linda Sandman

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The Kiddush at Chabad this Shabbat is sponsored by Roni & Michal Kuta in honor of Edna's Bat Mitzvah!

If you'd like to sponsor a Kiddush at Chabad, please check our online calendar and email your date of choice to Gary Litvak directly. You may also call Maria at 767-TORAH.

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There is love like fire, and there is love like water
— The Chassidic Masters
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When Man and Woman were first formed, they were a single being. And then G‑d divided them apart, so that they could achieve a higher union.

Why is it higher?

Because now it is through their own hard work.


From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman. To order Tzvi's book, "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.

The Parshah In a Nutshell
Parshat Toldot

Isaac marries Rebecca. After twenty childless years their prayers are answered and Rebecca conceives. She experiences a difficult pregnancy as the "children struggle inside her"; G‑d tells her that "there are two nations in your womb", and that the younger will prevail over the elder.

Esau emerges first; Jacob is born clutching Esau's heel. Esau grows up to be "a cunning hunter, a man of the field"; Jacob is "a wholesome man", a dweller in the tents of learning. Isaac favors Esau; Rebecca loves Jacob. Returning exhausted and hungry from the hunt one day, Esau sells his birthright (his rights as the firstborn) to Jacob for a pot of red lentil stew.

In Gerar, in the land of the Philistines, Isaac presents Rebecca as his sister, out of fear that he will be killed by someone coveting her beauty. He farms the land, reopens the wells dug by his father Abraham, and bores a series of his own wells: over the first two there is strife with the Philistines, but the waters of the third well are enjoyed in tranquility.

Esau marries two Hittite women. Isaac grows old and blind, and expresses his desire to bless Esau before he dies. While Esau goes off to hunt for his father's favorite food, Rebecca dresses Jacob in Esau's clothes, covers his arms and neck with goatskins to simulate the feel of his hairier brother, prepares a similar dish, and sends Jacob to his father. Jacob receives his fathers' blessings for "the dew of the heaven and the fat of the land" and mastery over his brother. When Esau returns and the deception is revealed, all Isaac can do for his weeping son is to predict that he will live by his sword, and that when Jacob falters, the younger brother will forfeit his supremacy over the elder.

Jacob leaves home for Charan to flee Esau's wrath and to find a wife in the family of his mother's brother, Laban. Esau marries a third wife — Machlat, the daughter of Ishmael.


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