Dear Friends,

Sadly we have suffered serious civilian and military casualties during this past week, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. Our prime focus at Colel Chabad is the welfare of families in Northern Israel. With your help, Colel Chabad continues to stand on the forefront of helping the people in Northern Israel.

1) We continue to deliver thousands of warm gourmet meals every single day and Shabbat meals each Friday. For Shabbat we added wine, challah, gefilte fish and other delicacies etc. To date we have delivered over 50,000 meals.

2) During the past three weeks, we have distributed well over 100 tons of groceries, fruits and vegetables, cans of food, baby formula, diapers, candy, toys etc.

3) This past Tuesday we began distributing food crates to 5000 families in Kiryat Shemona, Safed, Tiberias, Maalot, Shlomi, etc. The crates include ready-to-eat foods such as canned foods, condiments, jam, crackers etc.

Because of the heavy bombing on Wednesday and Thursday, the army did not allow us to deliver the crates. We will G‑d willing continue to deliver the much-needed food on Sunday.

4) This past Wednesday Rabbi Lau attended a very emotional gathering where he addressed and encouraged 700 refugees, mostly women and children in Central Israel.

In the week ahead:

1) This Sunday and Monday we plan to pack food crates that will be delivered to families in Central Israel who are hosting their friends and relatives. Many of the hosting families are suffering the financial burden and we are trying to ease their load.

2) During the past three weeks, we have hosted 250 refugee children at an overnight camp in Central Israel. This week we plan to send the children to other overnight camps where we will pay the camp fees. This will allow us to house an additional 30 families, over 300 children in Central Israel.

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Zalman Duchman
Colel Chabad