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Chabad of Port Washington
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A Word from the Rabbi
Rabbi Paltiel

As the holidays come to a close, I look back with joy and gratitude to an amazing festival month. We had a packed house on the High Holidays; we added 1/3 additional seats to what we had last year - and filled them up, with smiling faces! Dinner in the Sukkah was a well-attended, joyous event (with perfect weather). And Simchat Torah topped it all off with more than 200 people enjoying joyous dancing and celebration.

Our Yom Kippur/YISKOR Appeal reached and exceeded its goal of $100,000 (see full listing of donors here). Thank you to each and every individual who supported this effort.

Perhaps the most impressive stat: Chabad of Port Washington welcomed 12 new families who joined our MEMBERSHIP. We welcome new members:

Elyse & Doug Brenner
Denis Feldman
Adele Fuchsberg & Bill Davis
Dr. Steven & Diane Kornhaber
Daphne & Adam Levy
Ellyn and Danny Logvin
Leon & Debra Manoff
Louie & Heidi Rabman
Robert & Florence Rosen
Barbi & David Shames
Eric, Andrew & Mark Swenson
David & Talya Tawfik

Thank you to each of you for joining our Chabad family, making us stronger both financially and communally!

If you are still on the fence about joining, it's not too late... Click here for information and an online form. There's no better way to show your support of our work than by joining our membership.

MEMBERS - Please click here to reserve your complimentary seats for the annual Membership Shabbat Dinner - which takes place next Friday evening, October 19.

To all who assisted in all of the above with your personal and financial involvement or volunteerism, to all who brought their friends and family to observe the holidays with us, to our Board of Directors and Chai Club donors who make it all possible,


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

P.S. Please don't be a stranger at our Shul. Can't come every Shabbat? Why not make it a monthly thing - pencil it in on your calendar for one Shabbat each month to be at Chabad with your family, and maybe a friend or two. It's a small commitment that will go a long way in keeping and growing your family's Jewish involvement.

Calendar of Events


Mommy & Me

New Session: Mommy & Me with Yoga!
Mondays | 9:45 - 10:45

Join Michelle Lublin, of Om Sweet Om together with Sara Paltiel, director of Chabad of Port Washington for Mommy and Me with Yoga, Music & Movement in a Preschool setting.

Click here for more info and to register online.


Parenting Class

Parenting Class | Wednesday, 10:45 AM

Monthly parenting class lead by Sara Paltiel of Chabad Port Washington.

Click here for more info. Please RSVP by calling the office 516 767 8672.


Membership Shabbat

Membership Shabbat Dinner | Friday, Oct 19
Services: 6:00 PM | Shabbat Dinner: 6:30 PM

Chabad Members are invited to join us in celebrating Shabbat with our community and have the opportunity of meeting and getting to know other members in the Chabad of Port Washington family.

Click here for more info and to RSVP online.


Membership Shabbat

3 New JLI Courses for 2012-2013

Choose one or come to all 3 courses being offered this coming year at Chabad.

Click here for more info and to register.


Israel Trip

Community Trip to Israel - February 2013!
Sunday, February 17 - Monday, February 25

Chabad of Port Washington is joining together with Chabad of the Upper East Side for a Mission to Israel. You won't want to miss this trip, the first for our Chabad, which will be offered in FIVE STAR fashion.

Click here for more info and to RSVP.
Question of the Week
Question of the week

Drop Your Jewish BaggageBy: Rabbi Aron Moss | Sydney, Australia

Question: My family are typical disappearing Jews. Each generation drifts a little further away from Judaism. My grandparents were strictly religious; my parents were not, but were still quite traditional; my generation is Jewish by name only, not involved with anything Jewish. At this rate, what will my kids look like? Is there any way to stop this trend?

Answer: Have you seen the new regulations about taking luggage onto a plane? Some airlines don't allow you on the plane with any hand-luggage. There's a spiritual message in that. If you have too much baggage, you can't get on the flight...


Board of Directors

Adam Katz, Esq., President

Frank Arnold*
Martin H. Brownstein, M.D.*
Howard Fensterman, Esq.
M. Allan Hyman, Esq.
Sara E. Paltiel
Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel
Alan Rosenzweig
Alan Salzbank
Michael Samuel
Felix Sater


Shabbat Times
Candle Lighting Times for
Port Washington, NY
[Based on Zip Code 11050]:
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Oct 12
6:01 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Oct 13
6:58 pm
Torah Portion: Bereishit

Kiddush Calendar

This week's Kiddush is sponsored by David and Regine Heiden in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Kyle which will be celebrated this Shabbat at Chabad.

David and Regine Heiden

Click here to let us know if you can sponsor a kiddush

Community News

Bari Cenname 10/13
Jonathan Samuel 10/13
Mushka Paltiel 10/15
Mr. Abraham Rosenzweig 10/15
Michael Ehrenpreis 10/17
Harold Goldsmith 10/17
Ori Hollander 10/17
Danny Lee 10/17
Aden Neuwirth 10/17

Alan & Judy Karul 10/14

*CLICK HERE to convert any regular calendar date, birthday or yartzeit to its corresponding Jewish-calendar date!

Daily Thought
Our Mandate

Each generation has its role in history.

From all the generations before us we inherited a wealth of dreams: philosophy, truths, wisdom and purpose. We are tiny midgets standing on the shoulders of their ideas and their noble deeds.

Our generation's mandate-and destiny-is to make the dream real.

Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning

Services: 9:00 AM

Monday - Friday
Services: 7:00 AM

Friday Evening: 6:00 PM

Saturday Morning: 9:30 AM
Followed by Kiddush Luncheon at 12
Mincha: Following Lunch


Schedule of Classes

Coffee & Parsha Class
Monday - Friday | 7:45 - 8:15 AM

Tanya Class
with Rabbi Paltiel
Saturdays | 8:45-9:30 AM

Signature Bank

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Holiday Watch
Downtown Huts Invite Sukkot Celebrants of All Types
With temporary huts of all shapes and sizes dotting landscapes across the globe, passing motorists and pedestrians in the know can tell that the Jewish world is celebrating the holiday of Sukkot.
Explosion Rocks Neighborhood Surrounding Malmo Jewish Center
A predawn explosion rocked the Malmo, Sweden, neighborhood outside the city's Jewish community center Friday, with residents reporting hearing loud noises prior to the blast.
Former Soviet Union
Historic Smolensk Synagogue Reopens to Cheering Crowd
Built in the shadow of the 16th-century fortress surrounding the closest Jewish community to the town of Lubavitch, Smolensk's historic synagogue reopened this week, decades after its Communist-era closing.
The Jewish Calendar
  Friday Tishrei 26 | October 12
  Shabbat Tishrei 27 | October 13
Laws and CustomsShabbat Bereishit
Laws and CustomsBless New Month
  Sunday Tishrei 28 | October 14
  Monday Tishrei 29 | October 15
Today in Jewish HistoryPassing of Rabbi Don Isaac Abravanel (1508)
  Tuesday Tishrei 30 | October 16
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  Wednesday Cheshvan 1 | October 17
Rosh Chodesh
Laws and CustomsRosh Chodesh Observances
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The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Bereishit
G‑d creates the world in six days. On the first day He makes darkness and light. On the second day He forms the heavens, dividing the "upper waters" from the "lower waters." On the third day He sets the boundaries of land and sea, and calls forth trees and greenery from the earth. On the fourth day He fixes the position of the sun, moon and stars as timekeepers and illuminators of the earth. Fish, birds and reptiles are created on the fifth day; land animals, and then the human being, on the sixth. G‑d ceases work on the seventh day, and sanctifies it as a day of rest.

G‑d forms the human body from the dust of the earth, and blows into his nostrils a " living soul." Originally Man is a single person, but deciding that "it is not good that man be alone," G‑d takes a "side" from the man, forms it into a woman, and marries them to each other.

Adam and Eve are placed in the Garden of Eden, and commanded not to eat from the " Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." The serpent persuades Eve to violate the command, and she shares the forbidden fruit with her husband. Because of their sin, it is decreed that man will experience death, returning to the soil from which he was formed, and that all gain will come only through struggle and hardship. Man is banished from the Garden.

Eve gives birth to two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain quarrels with Abel and murders him, and becomes a rootless wanderer. A third son, Seth, is born to Adam; Seth's eighth-generation descendant, Noah, is the only righteous man in a corrupt world.