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A word from the Rabbi

Many of us lost power for close to a week, undoubtedly quite an ordeal and inconvenience. Thankfully, I'm told most of our peninsula has their lights on again.

Torah is referred to "OHR" - light.

A room is exactly the same whether the lights are on or off. Light does not add anything material. It merely illuminates the space so we see what and where things are.

Likewise, Torah isn't meant to change the way we live. Rather, its goal is to infuse meaning and purpose into our otherwise ordinary lives.

Let's keep the lights on! Its far more convenient.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Shalom M Paltiel


In Case You Missed This...
Just in case you missed this warning, please be aware:

As Irene prepares to batter the East Coast, officials warn that Internet outages could force people to interact with other people for the first time in years. Residents are bracing themselves for the horror of awkward silences and unwanted eye contact.

FEMA advises: "Be prepared. Write down topics to talk about. Sports...the weather. Remember, a conversation is basically a series of Facebook updates strung together."

Volunteers Needed

Please Help Out

Chabad is looking for volunteers to serve as receptionists at the front desk. If you can volunteer one day each week to answer phones and handle front desk reception from 8:40am until 2:30pm, please let us know.

We will train you on all the details of the job. No need for any special skills, except a warm smile and pleasant phone manner. You can be a man or a woman to do this job for your Chabad.


Chabad Board Member to be honored

Chabad Board Member Bert Brodsky to be honored by Israel Bonds.

Calendar of Events

Sep 8-9

SAVE THE DATE: September 8 and 9
Chabad Basketball Clinics/Sports League Open Houses:

Join us for one of two Open Houses at our beautiful Adam Katz Athletic Center gymnasium to learn about the Basketball Clinics & Sports Leagues being organized by Chabad in cooperation with Island Garden/Super League

- Thursday, September 8th, 6-8 PM
- Friday, September 9th, 4-6 PM

For more information, click here.

Oct 17

Mommy & Me with Yoga
Mondays | 9:45 -10:45 am

Michelle Lublin, of Om Sweet Om together with Sara Paltiel, director of Chabad of Port Washington, invite you to to join us for a spectacular Mommy and Me with Yoga. Yoga, Music & Movement in a Preschool setting.

Click here for more info and to register online.

Rebbe E-Video

Aspiring Levites

An address to the campers returning from Camp Gan Israel Detroit.

Click here to watch a 7-minute clip.

Question of the Week
You Can't Act to Save Your Life
By: Rabbi Aron Moss | Sydney, AU

My acting career seems to be at a dead end. Every time I come close to a huge role something goes wrong and I miss out. I have tried every avenue I can think of, even changing agents, but it hasn't helped. I am professional, hard-working, dedicated and I believe I have talent (this has been confirmed to me by others too). But I am starting to think I simply wasn't meant to be an actor. Should I just come to terms with being a failure?


My friend, there is only one thing you need to come to terms with. You are not an actor. You may be good at acting, but that is not who you are, it is what you do. Stop identifying yourself by your career. You need to discover an identity that is beyond your work. That way, success and failure in your career will not spell success or failure in your life. 

In our world of inverted values, a man is called successful because he has made a lot of money. He may have abandoned his third wife, be estranged from his children, have no friends and his dog ran away from him. But he's done well at work, and people say, "I wish I had his luck."

We achieve true success when we succeed in our relationships. If you are a caring friend in times of need, if you treat your parents well, if you are a supportive and understanding spouse, a devoted and caring parent, then you are a success. Those who contribute to the community, not just money but time and effort, those who have developed happy relationships with G‑d and man, they are real success stories.

As long as we identify ourselves with our profession - I am an actor, a sales person, an IT technician - then we are pinning our success as a person on our career success. But it's not true. We are not defined by our job. What we do to make a living is different to what we do to make a life. We work to make a living. But to make a life we must love, connect, serve a purpose and find meaning.


Board of Directors

Adam Katz, Esq., President

Frank Arnold
Bert Brodsky
Martin H. Brownstein, M.D.
Howard Fensterman, Esq.
M. Allan Hyman, Esq.
Sara E. Paltiel
Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel
Alan Rosenzweig
Alan Salzbank
Michael Samuel
Felix Sater


Shabbat Times
Candle Lighting Times for
Port Washington, NY:
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Sep 2
7:09 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Sep 3
8:07 pm
Torah Portion: Shoftim

Kiddush Calendar

Mazel tov to Robert and Dawn Tennenbaum on the Bar Mitzva of their sons Spencer (Zohar), Lance (Leibel) and Brent (Berel), which will be celebrated this shabbos at Chabad followed by a kiddush luncheon.

Click here to let us know if you'd like to sponsor a kiddush.


Community News

Our condolences to Cheryl Podolsky on the passing of her mother, Gladys Yamner, Gittel bat Zalman Leib. Who passed last week Tuesday on August 23, Menachem Av 23. We wish her our love and condolences and to the entire family.

Cheryl Podolsky


Estee Weinberg 9/2
Becky Freifeld 9/4
Ilan Litvak 9/4
Michael Itkin 9/6
Mrs. Sylvia Chase 9/8
Kyle Heiden 9/8

Mr. & Dr. Michael Ehrenpreis 9/6

Martin Mark Fensterman,
(Mendel Ben Dovid)
9/3/2011 | Elul 4, 5771
observed by Howard Fensterman

Chabad Board Member
Howard Fensterman with wife Lori

Erna Katz
9/3/2011 | Elul 4, 5771
observed by Adam & Diane Katz

Chabad President Adam Katz and wife Diana
[Adam commemorates the yahrzeit of his beloved grandmother Erna this Shabbat]

Moshe Lanis
9/4/2011 | Elul 5, 5771
observed by Arin Lanis
& Nancy Federman

Nancy & Arin Lanis

Yetta Lerner, (Yitta)
9/8/2011 | Elul 9, 5771
observed by Helen Banschick

Helen Banschick surrounded by some of the members of her beautiful family

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Schedule of Services

Sunday Morning
Services: 9:00 AM
Tefillin Club: 11:30 am - 12 noon in the Chabad Library

Monday - Friday
Services: 7:00 AM

Friday Evening: 7:00 PM
Shabbat services followed by kiddush
Saturday Morning: 9:30 AM
Followed by Kiddush Luncheon at Noon
Mincha: Following Lunch

Schedule of Classes

Weekly Torah Portion
Sundays | 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Coffee & Parsha Class

Monday - Friday | 7:45 - 8:00 AM

Tanya Class
With Rabbi Paltiel
Saturdays | 8:45-9:30 AM


Daily Thought


Change by Doing

People are not changed by arguments, nor by philosophy. People change by doing.

Introduce a new habit into your life, and your entire perspective of the world changes.

First do, then learn about what you are already doing.


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The Jewish Calendar
  Friday Elul 3 | September 2
Rabbi A. I. Kook (1935)
Elul Observances
  Shabbat Elul 4 | September 3
Ethics: Chapter 1
Elul Observances
  Sunday Elul 5 | September 4
First Chassidic Aliya (1777)
Elul Observances
  Monday Elul 6 | September 5
Elul Observances
  Tuesday Elul 7 | September 6
Moses' parents remarry (1394 BCE)
Spies die (1312 BCE)
Elul Observances
Sanctification of the Moon
The Parshah In A Nutshell
Parshat Shoftim
Moses instructs the people of Israel to appoint judges and law-enforcement officers in every city. " Justice, justice shall you pursue," he commands them, and you must administer it without corruption or favoritism. Crimes must be meticulously investigated and evidence thoroughly examined-a minimum of two credible witnesses is required for conviction and punishment.

In every generation, says Moses, there will be those entrusted with the task of interpreting and applying the laws of the Torah. "According to the law that they will teach you, and the judgment they will instruct you, you shall do; you shall not turn away from the thing that they say to you, to the right nor to the left."