There is something special about a Sukkah, which celebrates the culmination of the High Holiday month. It's a mitzvah that lasts for 8 days, and one we can enjoy while eating, drinking, reading, sleeping, studying Torah, socializing with family and friends, or just relaxing. Any activity done in the Sukkah becomes a mitzvah, a deeply Jewish activity, connecting us to Hashem! And it's not a difficult mitzvah to do. You buy a Sukkah once and you're good to go for a few decades; you get to use it year after year. It's also an important symbol of Jewish identity and pride, for all to see; especially at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise unfortunately, no better time to "Sukkah".

I invite you to get yourself a Sukkah this year (if you don't already have one, of course). There aren't all that many Sukkahs in Port Washington. (As I said in a sermon a couple years ago: Can you imagine how overjoyed Hashem is when He "gets" another Sukkah in 11050 or 10030... He's got plenty from the Brooklyn zip codes, or even Great Neck, but 11050... wow!).

I've contacted SUKKAH.COM, the largest Sukkah distributors in the NY Metro area, and we've worked out special pricing for our community

Please reach out to our special representative at SUKKAH.COM, Moishe Silver: [email protected]; 718-501-5423.

If I can be of any help please don’t hesitate to contact me. And once your sukkah is up, please send me a photo of your family enjoying the Sukkah, so I can share it in a future newsletter.

Let's bring more visible yiddishkeit to our town, while imbuing our families with the joy, sights and smells of our heritage!

And while on the subject of Succos: Every Chabad member is entitled to a complimentary LULAV set, but you need to order it, by CLICKING HERE. Non members can purchase theirs, or they can become members... Click here for that!