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The Shabbos Project

October 26-27, 2018

  • Dear Friends,

    As I mentioned during the High Holidays, THE SHABBOS PROJECT, is one Shabbos a year that has been chosen for Jews around the world to OBSERVE ONE FULL SHABBAT.

    Tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters the world over, many of whom aren't (yet :)) Shabbos observant, will be observing ONE SHABBAT - properly, giving them the opportunity to experience the complete wonderful gift of Shabbos! While doing so at the same time as so many other fellow Jews!

    Some of you have already observed this Shabbat last October. Some of you may have thought about this during the High Holidays as a New Year's resolution. Some of you actually filled this out - on the online Mitzvah Appeal email I sent out - as one of their mitzvahs to observe this year. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to see so many PORT WASHINGTONIANS-MANHASSETNITES say YES to observe a full Shabbat! 

    If you have not thought about observing this Shabbat, I ask you to consider it. It's doable, and the reward is great. Firstly, because you'll be fulfilling HASHEM's most precious mitzvah, referred to in Torah as HIS PRIVATE HIDDEN TREASURE CALLED SHABBAT WHICH HE SHARED WITH HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL! Secondly, you'll experience first-hand the peace, serenity, centeredness, and spirituality which Shabbos affords you. This is the stuff of the best and most expensive vacation packages, only it's absolutely FREE!

    Observing Shabbos means:

    NO: No use of any electronics including telephones, computers, televisions, cars, light switches, etc. No cooking, no vacuuming.

    YES: Both Shabbat meals, Friday night and Shabbat daytime, prepared in advance, begin with Kiddush on a cup of your favorite kosher wine and two CHALLAH breads. Spend quality family time. Plan ahead with books, board games, plan a scenic walk around Manhasset Bay, spend quality time with your spouse, extra time for prayer and tehllim and to review the TORAH portion of the week (LECH LECHA, beginning Genesis chapter 12)

    Shabbat Candles are to be lit by all women and girls at 5:41 pm (in our area)

    Shabbat is to be observed from 5:41 pm through 6:39 pm (in our area)

    Don't come to Chabad if you're too far to walk. Pray at home! Or take a nice walk to shul if it's possible. Or attend another Shul (just this once :)) if it's within walking distance.

    Register below and to let me know you're IN!

    Some of you have already given me the nachas of letting me know that you plan on doing this. Thank you!

    Click here for THE SHABBOS BASICS on Shabbos observance.

    Looking forward to a peaceful Shabbat and peaceful year,

    Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel

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