Lunch Program

Parents who wish to may purchase hot kosher lunch for their campers every week of camp.  Our lunches are nutritional and yummy and adhere to the highest standards of health and hygiene in terms of preparation and service.  Every meal includes a main course, side dishes, vegetables, fruit and a drink.  The lunch program is available at a cost of $175 for the entire summer, or $25 per week.

Parents wishing to pack their children lunch from home should pack food which is Dairy or pareve (no meat lunches).  If your child is not part of the hot lunch program, on trip days, please send lunches in clearly marked paper bags for easy disposal. 

Camp provides snacks and drinks to all campers twice daily and Ice-Pops are given to all children at line up at the end of the day.  You may wish to send along an additional snack with your child.  Children may not share any food or drink sent in from home with other children.  Although campers will continuously be given drinks on trips as well as in camp, parents are instructed to send water bottles with their children every day and especially on trip days.

Drinking fountains and water coolers are located throughout the entire campsite.